Ownership Thinking

I read a great book – Ownership Thinking – How to End Entitlement and Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose and Profit by Brad Hams.  It got me thinking about the differences between successful businesses and those that struggle.  It also tied in well to my thoughts on success culture.

The book was dedicated to Ayn Rand (of Atlas Shrugged fame).  Atlas Shrugged is a must read for any entrepreneur.  Dedicating it to Rand does indicate the leanings of the author.

Ownership Thinking started with Hams personal story which hooked me even before getting into the book.   Hams is a constant learner like me.

One comment he makes is “share the insomnia” which I thought was good.  Basically, get others in the company to care as much as you do.

Summarizing some of the key points:

Great companies have the right:

Incentives (that become self funding)

Education (train people well)

Measures (measure what counts)

People (in the end, success is all about the people)


Great Companies:


Have Fun

Have High expectations

There are good chapters with practical ideas and things to implement like Rapid Improvement Plans (RIPs he calls them) and Huddles.

The job of any entrepreneur is to choose and create the right culture.  As a company grows I always say “coach on culture but let your people make decisions”.


Jim Estill

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