CDTA Launch Enhanced iRide App with CooCoo Technology

The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) has released an enhanced iRide customer information application for the iPhone, making it easier to access routes, schedules, enhanced maps and plan trips. The new technology was developed in cooperation with CooCoo.

The new application offers intuitive searches by route, specific bus stops or Capital Region landmarks. Schedule maps have been updated and turn by turn directions are now included, according to a press release. The iRide app is GPS-enabled and offers the nearest stops by proximity to the actual location. CDTA has also included links to its website, social media outlets and customer service center. Customers looking to find real time information for BusPlus can download the current BusPlus app from their provider’s store.

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Mark Fasciano and Ted Smith On Bloomberg Television

Is Long Island the next VC Capital? Canrock Ventures’ Mark Fasciano and Ted Smith discuss why Long Island is right for venture capital with Primm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.”

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SimplicityVMS awarded new Hyperdrive start-up fund based in Waterloo, Ont

There is magic happening in Waterloo, Ont. which boasts a technology revenue of more than $25 billion with interests ranging from software development, digital media, mobile and wireless, advanced manufacturing, robotics, aerospace and defense, clean and biotech, health, IT services and telecom[1].

Waterloo, Ont. is set to get another boost from a new $30-million program that will help fund, commercialize and mentor the next-generation of innovative entrepreneurs.

Hyperdrive, run out of Communitech is a regional hub that aids hundreds of tech start-ups that have sprung up around global giant Research In Motion Ltd. , the new Hyperdrive program offers up to $700,000 to individual companies – drawing on a pool of money funded by investment firms, venture capitalists and strategic partners[2].

SimplicityVMS, a growing software company out of Mississauga, Ont. has been chosen as 1 of 8 to participate in a tech start-up “boot camp” to provide participants with commercial space, strategic advice, mentorship and exposure to executives-in-residence and business analysts[2]. The company provides a SaaS, cloud based technology platform that automates and centralizes the end-to-end process of hiring, engaging and administering the contingent workforce. The system functions across all departments through the entire enterprise.

“Simplicity VMS is an innovative company with an outstanding product providing value to an underserved market.” Said SimplicityVMS’ CEO Gerry Bleau. “evidence of this is our recent acceptance into Communitech’s Hyperdrive program where were 1 of only 8 companies out of 118 applications who were accepted into the program.” SimplicityVMS is very excited to pursue this new opportunity and will surely continue to grow their business.

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[2] Marlow, I. (2012, April 10). Waterloo’s Communitech pitches new ‘Hyperdrive’ start-up fund.Retrieved July 12, 2012, from

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Update on Sentiment Alpha

Sentiment Alpha is a quantitative hedge fund based on sentiment analysis of large-scale media data, especially social media. The company uses data produced by world-class sentiment technology, from the most complete repository of Internet text, which contains the broadest media coverage.

Sentiment Alpha has built its proprietary R&D infrastructure and produced a long-short portfolio capable of running over a $100M fund. The company continues to develop individual, sector, and market-level strategies that can be incorporated and allow the fund to scale to more than $1B.

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SEO Company In NYC

There are many people looking for an SEO company in NYC. There are many different strategies and campaigns that are available as well. This being said, it is vital that each business online understands the many different kinds of activities and campaigns that an SEO company in NYC can do for them. However, no matter what these activities are, it is a known fact that they all share the same goal – to make sure that the business website gets seen by the search engine Google and that it gets a high ranking, at least on the first page.

Each and every SEO company in NYC offers similar but different SEO services. The thing is that each business or website will need a different SEO strategy to get the best results. This is why it is vital to hire professionals, an SEO company in NYC. They will make sure that they are going to devise a plan that will show ensure that the website of the business that they are working for will get ranked at the first page of Google.

There are many reasons why this is important. This is why there are many people hire an SEO company in NYC. Of course, they want to make sure that the website that they brought up will be seen by many. The thing is that giving the website address to people is never enough. Giving fliers with this information isn’t enough as well. The fact remains that it is very important to be able to get high web traffic. This being said, more and more people seek help from SEO Company in NYC to ensure that they will be able to get the exposure that they need. –
The best thing in hiring an SEO company in NYC to do the SEO tasks of the company is that they will guarantee an increase in web traffic. This is very important as this will spell customers in bold letters. This will make sure that the website of the business will get more visitors. This being said, the website will get more profit. This is how important that job of the SEO company in NYC is. This is why more and more people are looking for an SEO company in NYC that will handle all their SEO needs.

The many different SEO services are famous because they are known to be cost efficient. In fact, hiring an SEO company in NYC is known to be one of the most cost efficient things to do with regards to advertising a certain business or website. This being said, more and more people are able to enjoy the benefits of hiring an SEO company. They are able to make the most out of the people who visit their site and are able to get the most returns of investment out of it.

The job of these SEO companies is very important. They are inexpensive and very effective too. This is why more and more people are looking for these companies. This is why more businesses are getting the exposure that they need online too.

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