That’s where Canrock excels.

As serial entrepreneurs, we know all about vision, business plans and proposals, and competitive advantages. As successful investors, we know all about market trends, due diligence, financial analysis, and balancing risks and opportunities.

Put these together and that’s what sets Canrock apart. We don’t just invest; we partner. We take risk out of startups by providing far more than capital; we provide knowledge, insight and experience.

Shared Services

Canrock provides at-cost services to cover finance, accounting, administration, and IP protection, so the entrepreneurial team can focus on building and selling groundbreaking new products.

Phased Investments

Canrock doesn’t write big checks. Instead it makes many smaller investments over time so that cash is conserved and stretched. And any wind downs are cheaper.

CEO Coaching

Canrock’s management team and advisors have decades of startup leadership experience. We identify the missing elements in CEOs and actively fill in with weekly or daily coaching.

Incubation & Cross-Pollination

Some VCs prefer to invest in companies they can drive to; Canrock prefers investments we can walk to. Our shared space for startups reduces costs and creates a community of learning across its portfolio.

Larger Equity Ownership; Realistic Exit Valuations

By taking an early position in a company – even founding some – Canrock takes a larger equity stake (40-80%) for early investment ($500k-$1.5m). This makes it possible to reach 5-10x target returns, even with exits in the $15-$50m range.