Its all about Leadership

One of the screens we put our investees through are the “are you the right people” screen.  Great ideas without good people simply do not thrive in our experience.  The challenge is to screen for this.

We are looking for CEOs who are:

1 – Coachable and open to input.

2 – Constant learners.  Willing to learn and grow.

3 – Scalable.  Through the early start up stage, things change quickly and the type of leadership needed also changes.  It is tough to move through the steps.

I read a book by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller called “Great Leaders Grow – Becoming a Leader for Life.”

Great Leaders Grow is written “storybook style” – not my favorite style but it does get the point across.  And I like that it is short since this means more people are likely to read it.   Someone once said that great leaders are great readers which I fear is lost in the age of Twitter etc.

Quotes from the book:

“Anytime you influence the thinking, beliefs or development of another person, you’re engaging in leadership”

“Great leaders don’t think less of themselves; they just think of  themselves less” (this was in a chapter called learning to serve)  Later in the book ” Trying to help you –  helps me.”

” My capacity to learn determines my capacity to lead. If I stop learning, I stopped  leading.”

” Many leaders fail to gain knowledge because they have too much to do –  they’re going too fast and trying to accomplish too much.”  (this is partly why I am such a Time management nut.   I always advocate spending time on the important and not just the urgent.)

” If you get too busy with your job to grow, your influence in your leadership will stagnate and ultimately evaporate.”

” Wisdom is the application of knowledge, discernment, insight, experience, and judgment to make good decisions when the answer may not be obvious.”

The book uses an acronym space–GROW:

Gain knowledge.

Reach out to others.

Open your world.

Walked toward wisdom.

I agree with the thesis of the book which is captured in the title – Great Leaders Grow.

We are pleased that one of our investments, LoadnVote has launched (similar to HonestlyNow but more contest and younger demographic)

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