Being a Futurist – picking trends

Part of our success has been in identifying and capitalizing on trends. One trend we see is greater movement to video on the internet increasing in importance. This is partly because Google says it is so they rank video high in search results. Partly because bandwidth is high and pervasive. And partly because such a high number of people are video learners.

Video can be a “lazy” thing for people to do.

Canrock Ventures invested in American Health Journal, a video site with hundreds of high quality video interviews with doctors on health issues from peripheral vascular disease, chronic pain and addiction to nasal spray addiction .  Can this sort of site go viral?  Not in the traditional sense of the word.  It is not the sort of thing that people would say is cool so pass on to their friends.  It is the sort of thing people will want to find though when they search.  People with health issues want quality information.

Some of the health issues covered include:

Drug addiction
Cancer Treatment

and lots of other topics.

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